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The casino world continues to grow, coming from the famous bright lights of Vegas and Macau to the World Wide Web. Players worldwide could get a hold of online gaming action thanks to online casinos that provide an array of casino games online. Apart from the fun and entertainment offered by these games, players can enjoy some bountiful bonuses and promotions. What’s even more impressive is the range of casino bets allowed on some of the best casino games.

Casino games vary as the casino players, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many game options on offer. You can pick your favourite game and play for real money, or you try a new game in demo mode and play for free as you get acquainted.

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Online Casinos have brought a revolution in gambling, and you can tell by the variety of games available online. Most of these games aren’t available on brick-and-mortar; moreover, you can take advantage of online casino bonuses and spectacular promotions when playing online. All this is achieved at the comfort of your home or even on the go via mobile casinos.

You’ll feel overwhelmed by the array of online casino games available for real money. These games will vary in features, bet sizes, and payouts, allowing players with all sorts of bankrolls to pick a game that suits them. We review some of the best casino games, and you’ll find the best paying poker, slots, and live dealer games. There’s always something for everyone in online gaming.

Nonetheless, a large bet size means potentially enormous returns, but the risk is just as huge. There are many types of players in online gaming, and the games available cater to them all. Some players gamble for fun and stake on a game for entertainment, while some players make a living out of gambling. These professional players will want to choose games with the highest probability of winning or the highest possible payout. Both of these types of players can always find what they’re looking for as they play Canadian Money Games.

Learn How To Play Casino Games Online

You can learn how to play the most popular casino games online using our detailed How to Play-guides. Online casino games are relatively straightforward but could be tricky if you’re new to the casino world. Most of the top casino games will be available in free/demo mode that offers you a chance to play without staking any amount to get a feel of the game or get acquainted with the flow. Free play allows you to test the features and learn more about what a game offers.

Games that require deposits will provide bet sizes and coin value limits that suit a wide range of bankrolls. We can’t say what game is best for you, but we will point in the right direction. We can show you the most popular games with both experienced gamblers and beginners in gambling. We shall also provide you with a step by step guide on playing these online games with real money.

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Slot games could be the most popular online casino games in Canada. This could be due to their straightforward gameplay that is easy to understand. It generally entails pushing a button and spinning reels. Initially, classic slots entailed fruit and bell symbols and only featured three reels. However, today’s slots have grown diverse, and you’ll find 3reeled, five reeled, and multi-reeled slot machines that could offer remarkable progressive jackpots.

Another reason that makes slots so popular is that they mostly come with high-quality graphics and fantastic themes. Slots capture the imagination of individual films, music bands, and mystical stories, in return, grabbing the player’s mind and attention. To learn more about slot features, rules, and terms and conditions for playing this casino game, follow our Online Slots Guide.

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Jackpot games could be described as a type of slot which rewards you with a total amount that far exceeds the available amounts you would win on regular slot games without a jackpot. A static jackpot offers a massive payout explicitly by the game provider and can trigger enough luck and skill. This is similar to the maximum regular win available, but the amount will be bigger.

Nonetheless, progressive jackpots are what should be your top priority. These jackpots award staggering amounts of money whose value comprises a contribution from all the players playing them worldwide, which could sum up to a couple of tens of thousands. Some progressive jackpots are valued at multi-millions, with some recording payouts as high as $30,000,000.

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Blackjack has been one of the most popular games in the gambling world. The table game has consistently been a go-to for Canadian table fans. Just like all casino games, Blackjack is a game of luck but will also require a significant amount of skill. Players can substantially impact the results of the game by adjusting the size of the house edge.

The rules are straightforward, and strategy is simple for beginners. We have reviewed Blackjack games in-depth on our Blackjack guide, covering various Blackjack variants and how to play the game.

Baccarat online - Canada - Icon


This is one of the classic casino games, which was earlier a game for high rollers only. However, the game can be played on low stakes too, and the rules of Baccarat are relatively easy since there’s no strategy required. You get to choose what hand to bet on, yours or the banker’s hand. You can also bet that they’ll tie and hope you get lucky.

This game originally appeared in 19th Century France, chemin de fer, as it was initially known. Baccarat Banque and Punto Banco also refer to Baccarat games, a low house edge game with straightforward gameplay that shouldn’t be a problem for beginners.

Roulette Online - Canada - Icon


Just like the Baccarat game, Roulette is a popular casino game with straightforward rules. This casino game features a wide range of betting options and a few variations, neither of which will make Roulette complicated. Unlike Blackjack, Roulette solely depends on luck since you can’t significantly influence the outcomes. There are some strategies you can apply when playing Roulette but aren’t as significant as in Blackjack. All you do is guess where the ball will land on the Roulette wheel, place your stake and spin the wheel. Roulette comes in several variations, with the most popular versions in online casinos, American and European Roulette.

Poker Online - Canada - Icon


Poker set the foundation of gambling, which remains the case in online casinos. However, the game is quite different online due to the requirements needed to play the game. You’ll find our guide to the best and most popular poker games like Casino Hold-em, Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, and Omaha. Moreover, you’ll find several ways to play poker, which can be done virtually, or you could go head to head with other players across the world. Online poker is full of exciting options and features, making it the most diverse online casino game. Online casinos will offer a downloadable client to make the experience exclusive for poker.

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Craps is a casino game for gamblers who love rolling the dice and bagging huge wins. Craps started as an illegal game mostly played in major cities and have since risen to the best online casinos’ tables.

The game needs you to place a bet on the outcome of a dice roll. The game is tricky for beginners, but you’ll quickly learn your way around it. Craps aren’t as common as other games reviewed on our page, with only a small number of online casinos offering the game.

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Who doesn’t love bingos? These babies are available to bingo lovers at online casinos and unique online bingo sites that feature the games as the main element. Bingo has been a part of gambling for decades, with various selections that keep building up over the years.

Bingo game provides you with an option of 90 or 75-ball bingo and several rooms with different buy-ins and payouts. New bingo players are also offered beginner rooms that are often free to enter. Bingo further provides specific bonuses to get you started on the game. You can find out more about bingo in our review of the game.

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Keno is a casino game enjoyed by most casino players regardless of the game’s highest house edges. The game has simple rules and provides a high potential to win huge sums of money. Keno is similar to a lottery game where players pick a few numbers and hope they get a lucky hit. Keno games are mostly identical, but like slot games, they come in various visual designs. These games aren’t as popular, but you’ll often stumble upon them more often than craps.

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Lotto games are tickets to an online consortium. This is an online platform that allows players to buy more than lotto tickets. You can offer several tickets alongside other players. This significantly raises your winning chances, but the prize you win will split among other payers. This could be positive or negative, but all in all, lotto games provide a unique and exciting gaming experience. Lotto games aren’t so standard on online casinos, so you will have to hunt a little longer for them, but they could prove worthwhile once you find and try them.

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Scratch Cards

Scratch cards have long been in existence in the real world, and they come in all shapes and sizes on online platforms. Like real-world scratch cards, you click to remove the foil covering images or numbers on the virtual scratch card, and it reveals whether you have won and the value of this win. The ways to win and bet amounts vary from one scratch card to the other. Scratch cards with the highest possible payouts might require more to play. Scratch cards provide a simplified version of gaming and could be the quickest and easiest way to play online casinos.

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Live Dealer Games

Live dealer players are treated to an outstanding gaming experience that you won’t find on your regular virtual games. Live dealer games feature flashing lights and sounds of players hitting jackpots. You get to experience some real-life dealers and high-end equipment and décor through live dealer casinos who thrive on bringing this whole experience to you at the comfort of your home. Live Dealer Games provide a realistic experience to gamblers with various games, features, and bonuses, and the games are streamed live in HD.

RTP – Return to Player

Real money games come with their payout terms and conditions. Return to Player is one of the rules in online gaming, which dictates what amount a casino will pay back to the player who stakes on it. The industry standard RTP is set at 96%. However, volatility is the more significant determining factor. Volatility/variance determines the timing of the RTP to be awarded. High volatility implies a casino game payout several small amounts at short intervals while low volatility games barely payout.

RTP is a matter of preference, but most players opt for a medium variance game. Always be keen to check max wins to know your possible payouts.

Summary of Online Casino Games

Canadian online gamers are spoilt with a range of gaming options available on online casinos. Online gaming is a matter of preference, and there’s a variety of options for all kinds of tastes. Online casino games offer a way to relax whether you’re in it for money for fun. All you need to do is choose your favourite game and pick one of the best online casinos from our online gambling site reviews.

You’ll find the different variations of various casino games, which may be overwhelming at first, but a quick look at the other game option will have you acquainted within no time. We can also guide you with information on the different variants of casino games plus advice on the strategy to use to ensure you take as much as possible from your online casino gaming experience.


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