The interest in betting on e-sports has grown significantly in the casino world only in recent years. Despite this, the phenomenon is new to a large proportion of players. Many people are curious about this form of gambling, but far from everyone knows how esports betting at online casinos works. Therefore, we at CasinoGuide have produced the complete guide to betting on e-sports, where you can find all the information you may need. We go through everything from the history of e-sports to popular games for e-sports, betting guides, and bonuses.

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That’s why we love betting on esports

Betting on E-sports is a gaming category taking up more and more space in the Canadian casino world. More and more online casinos are including esports betting in their offer, and every day new players discover the charm of this gaming genre. 

Those of you who have previously bet in different contexts know that the more meat on your legs you have, the easier it will be to make good bets. Finding minutes and reports from various events in E-sports is not very difficult today. The increased reporting has probably contributed to an increasing interest in esports gaming. E-sports is also a wonderful reminder that even those who do not run the fastest or throw the longest can still be successful in sports.

E-sports was a subculture in the beginning

E-sports is a collective name for electronic sports. Competitions in video games, computer games, Virtual Reality games, Augmented Reality games, and mobile games are usually included. From the beginning, matches and tournaments in e-sports were played by all players agreeing on a console or via the LAN party and the like. It would take until the beginning of the 2010s before e-sports began to grow properly. It then became possible for the game manufacturers themselves to both arrange and pay for, for example, larger tournaments and other events.

Streaming services have increased interest enormously

Since today there is completely different accessibility around different games, the interest among the players has increased significantly. At the same time, streaming sites such as Twitch and Youtube have also contributed to increased interest. Gamers actively record when they play, and then  post theses videos on their preferred platform. Many also choose to stream their games live while playing. When gaming influencers with many followers are streaming a specific game, it almost always leads to an avalanche of interest in the game being streamed. A clear example of this is the computer game ” Among Us.” This game was relatively unknown to most players, but it became largely known overnight following live streaming by major influencers via Twitch.

Many great esports in Canada

Although the interest in e-sports is relatively new, we have many players in Canada who have been doing this for many years. In fact, Canada has many good e-sports players, and we often get very good placements in various tournaments and other esports events.

Many casinos have an e-sports section on their sportsbook. There are also the gaming sites that have chosen to make their section for sports betting. This means that you can safely bet on e-sports at Canadian casinos. Some bonuses can be used for a nice extra start to e-sports betting. You can read more about bonuses on e-sports further down the page.

To bet on esports is nothing strange

When it comes to how the betting itself goes, there is no different from how it works in a regular sportsbook.

  • You choose the game or games you want to bet on
  • Pick the market you want to bet on
  • Enter how much you want wager on the bet and place it
  • Done!

One tip is to compare different casinos against each other to find the best odds. Also, do not forget to check what is live right now – it is often possible to get very good odds at live games.

These games are worth keeping an eye on

If you want to bet on e-sports, you have a lot of options. There are several different games that are popular, and most casinos provide markets to bet on all of these. However, one game trumps all the others in popularity – namely CS:GO. That this particular e-sports category has generated such great popularity among Canadian players is due to several things. On the one hand, it is a game that many have played themselves. This means that it is easier to know how to bet, because you know how the game works. CS:GO is also one of the bigger games in e-sports in general. Always when it comes to betting, it is wise to read as much as possible before placing your bets. In this way, you improve your chances of winning.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the long name variant of CS:GO. When it comes to betting on CS:GO, there are several things to keep in mind before you bet. First, you should keep track of the teams that meet. What have previous meetings looked like between these teams – is there any team that has significantly better winning statistics than the other team?

Another thing to check is which map or maps are relevant. Some teams perform very unevenly depending on which map they are assigned. Keeping track of this can therefore be crucial to how you want to place your bets. You should also check the match format. In CS:GO, BO is run – that is, ‘Best Of . ‘ Bo1, Bo3, and Bo5 are the most common arrangements. If you want to play as safely as possible, Bo3 is usually the best option. Here, in the vast majority of cases, the team that is favorite wins in advance. Bo1 can bang and therefore gives the potential for nice dividends. Bo5 can also give nice wins, but it is important to be well-informed and keep track of your bets.


DOTA2 is an abbreviation for ‘ Defense of the Ancients 2’. Several large tournaments are arranged every year in Dota2. The layout for DOTA2 almost always looks the same. In a game round, 2 teams meet – Radiant and Dire. Both teams have a base around the main building (which is called Ancient) and towers that guards their base by attacking the opposing team. The goal for the team is to eliminate the opposing team’s entire base, including the towers and Ancient. The team that first succeeds in this wins. Here, it is therefore mainly important to stay up to date on previous betting statistics and current form to place as good bets as possible.

League of Legends

The game League of Legends is often abbreviated LoL. This is largely reminiscent of DOTA2. You play in teams of 3 or 5 players, and it is important to eliminate the opposing team’s main building. In LoL, however, the building is called Nexus. The betting strategies are also equivalent to DOTA2. It is always smart to check the teams’ previous statistics – especially if the competing teams have met before. Also, do not forget to check if any or any players have recently been replaced in the team, as this can also affect.

How do bonuses on esports betting work?

If you have used a regular odds bonus before, there are no major differences between one and a welcome bonus, for esports betting. If you are only used to casino bonuses, the difference is usually not very big there either. However, one thing that differs from the casino bonuses is that the wagering requirement for betting should almost always be wagered at a certain minimum odds. This applies to both classic sports betting as well as esports betting.  

The wagering requirement for the betting bonus can then look like this, for example: “the bonus must be wagered 1x on bets with a minimum odds of 1.50”. This means that with the bonus money, you have to bet on odds that give a dividend of 1.50 or higher. With a 1x wagering requirement, it is enough to play for the entire bonus amount once. With the possible winnings that this game generates, you can use it however you want.  

Smart to compare bonuses for E-sports

How the e-sports bonuses are designed may differ between different casinos. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to compare different bonuses against each other to ensure that you get the best bonus. A good e-sports bonus is characterized by freedom of choice and low wagering requirements. It should preferably be possible to bet on which game you want because you get a better sense of how it all goes. At the same time, the turnover requirement must be as low as possible. This improves your chances of getting through the claim with all or part of the bonus left.

Esport betting for both beginners and experienced players

To bet on e-sports is fun for both beginners as well as experienced players. Since today there are many choices regarding both casinos to play at and choices of tournaments, matches, and so on to bet on, most people can find something interesting. Comprehensive reporting from the e-sports world makes it easy for new players to access essential information.

A tip, in the beginning, is to niche yourself in one of the more popular games. In this way, it is easier to find information and participate in other people’s game tips. It also provides a broader understanding of how esports betting works, leading to an interest in other games. Suddenly it is you who sits in different tip forums and discusses the form of play for different teams or the latest player transfer. 

To get a good start to your betting career, you can play at a casino where they give out a bonus. Remember that games should always be fun and that you should never play for more money than you intended – play responsibly

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