NeoSurf is a payment voucher system developed in France and available around the world, including Canada. Fast and easy to use, it provides the closest solution to funding your online casino account using cash. Untraceable and anonymous, NeoSurf combines the advantages of cryptocurrencies with the convenience of using Canadian dollars.

In this NeoSurf review, we will explain how this payment method works and how you can use it to fund your online casino account. You will also learn the pros and cons, along with important information regarding withdrawals and fees.

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A Payment Solution Centred Around Simplicity

The NeoSurf Voucher was launched in 2004 as a means of allowing customers to pay online merchants without divulging any personal information. This solution quickly grew in popularity and began appearing in different countries, including Canada. Although not directly licensed, NeoSurf is registered as an eMoney agent of a licensed Lithuanian bank.

With this payment method, you can fund your online casino account without first having to create an account with a third-party provider. This means that you can start playing your favourite games faster, and without the risk of showing your bank your casino activity.

Funding your Casino Account using NeoSurf

Before you can deposit funds into your casino account using NeoSurf, you need to buy a payment voucher. The most convenient option is to buy one online using Interac or Visa/MasterCard. Alternatively, you can buy a voucher using cash at one of the locations across Canada. You can find further details on the NeoSurf website.

Vouchers come in different set values ranging between C$10 and C$250. If you intend to deposit a higher amount, you can opt to buy and enter multiple vouchers. 

With a voucher in hand, you can proceed with making your casino deposit by following these steps:

  1. Visit the cashier section of your casino and click on the NeoSurf logo.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter the 10-digit voucher code or codes.
  3. Click on confirm to complete the transaction.

Neosurf payments should be instantly deposited into your account. There are no fees charged by the payment provider for using this payment voucher. 

If you have funds left in your voucher, you can use it again in the future by re-entering the 10 digit code. It is not possible to refill your NeoSurf voucher. Once the funds have been used, you can throw the voucher away. 

Unfortunately, it is also not possible to withdraw your funds back to your NeoSurf voucher. Instead, your online casino will request an alternative payment method, such as a bank transfer.

Keep your Casino Activity Hidden with NeoSurf

Due to the banking industry’s increased due diligence and KYC procedures, online casino players are increasingly hassled to provide ongoing documentation to explain their playing activity. NeoSurf provides a convenient and simple way to circumvent such a situation, providing an anonymous payment solution that does not share your playing activity with your bank.

Getting hold of a NeoSurf voucher is as easy as going to your local shop to buy a newspaper. You can even buy vouchers online without leaving the comfort of your home. In either case, with a 10 digit code in hand, you can deposit funds into your casino immediately.

Depositing funds using NeoSurf can help you better manage your casino spending by automatically limiting the maximum amount you can deposit at a time.

Online casinos in Canada encourage you to use NeoSurf by making you eligible for casino welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. In fact, this payment method is not affected by the eligibility restrictions normally imposed on eWallets.

The Cost of NeoSurf Vouchers

NeoSurf vouchers have a product fee that ranges between C$1.49 for a C$10 voucher to C$7.95 for a C$250 voucher. If you opt for the lower-value vouchers, the product fee can be relatively high. However, with the C$250 voucher, the fee represents 3.2% of the value, similar to fees charged by certain eWallets.

You should also be aware that buying a NeoSurf voucher online does not incur additional fees if you use Interac. However, if you pay using a Visa or Mastercard, a $1.00 fee applies.

Casino Deposits Using a Cash or Cheque

NeoSurf and similar payment voucher options provide one of the only ways to fund your online casino account using cash or cheques. In an increasingly digitalised environment, they provide an old school solution that is affordable and convenient. However, whilst NeoSurf is available for physical purchase at stores in major Canadian cities, it can be difficult to find in the suburbs and remote locations.

Limited Security Options

The basic NeoSurf paper voucher lacks any significant security features. If you lose the voucher, there is nothing to stop whoever finds it from entering the 10 digit code and using your funds. Since the voucher is not traceable to you, no external authority, such as a bank, can intervene to assist you.

The system that manages the NeoSurf vouchers is extremely safe. It utilises a variety of tools to ensure that every voucher code is unique and impossible to guess. Financial transaction information is transmitted using SSL encryption, ensuring that it cannot be hacked or accessed remotely.

Start Paying using NeoSurf Vouchers

NeoSurf has been designed to be simple and straightforward to use. With the convenience of buying vouchers online, you can create a new online casino account, buy your voucher and deposit funds in a few minutes. This payment option stands out from others since it lets you convert your physical Canadian dollars into digital, untraceable currency. This is its primary advantage, and also, to a certain point, its main drawback. The voucher’s security is entirely in your hands, but as long as you can keep it safe, you can use it to make instant payments with ease. And, of course, all casinos you find listed here on CasinoGuide are safe to play at.

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