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Gambling is a fun way to take your mind off a stressful routine – whether you are gaming for fun or money – but the fun could soon turn into something sour, like an addiction or problem gambling. That is why we dedicate a page for responsible gaming, which will break down why we only recommend casinos that support responsible gaming. 

We support top Canadian casinos that commit to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment and comply with industry standards set by regulatory bodies like eCOGRA. Gambling has led to some life-changing instances, but this is not always the case. It has also led to several bankruptcy cases, which is why our recommended casinos allow players to protect themselves from gambling problems. Players can take matters into their own hands through options like Cool-Off and Self-Exclusion periods. The legal age to register and play at our top casinos is 19 in all Canadian provinces except Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where the legal age is 18+. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited.

Importance of Responsible Gambling Information 

Responsible Gambling is a top priority here at CasinoGuide, and we only recommend fully licensed Canadian casinos that take your safety as their responsibility. A gambler may be battling with addiction but could be in denial, which is where the Casino should kick in to assist the player in tackling the problem. The best operators will dedicate a page for responsible gaming with detailed information on how to gamble safely while explaining who is at risk of a gambling problem. Some casinos provide gamblers access to an assessment test in the event they feel that they have some gambling problem. Responsible gaming information helps players anticipate and tackle a gambling problem before it turns into a devastating menace. 

Your Safety is Important

Players should view gambling as a form of entertainment and not a source of income which is a mistake most gamblers with gambling problems make. You could make more mistakes, and it’s essential to learn about them just to stay safely ahead of the curve. Signs like prioritizing gambling over your family should be alarming since it could lead you down a slippery slope. Some gamblers face financial trouble after losing control of their gambling and spending more than they can afford to result in depressing debts or, worse, bankruptcy.

We take the nature of responsible gaming very seriously and are dedicated to providing a responsible gaming service for all our players. Below are our guidelines and instructions on how to monitor your gambling’s activity to make sure it does not become a problem in your daily life.

  • Play For Fun – Not for Profit gain
  • Take Regular Breaks
  • Set Playing Limit
  • Set Spending Budget

Important Tools to Prevent Gambling Problems

You may find out that you have an addiction problem and wish to prevent the enormous consequences of such a gambling problem. Casinos must provide their customers with effective tools to avoid gambling problems, and you’ll find some of these at our recommended casinos.

  • Deposit Limits: Casino players can curb irregular gambling habits by setting their gambling limits through deposit limit options. This allows them to set their daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits.
  • Time Limit: This option is for gamblers who overspend their time on a casino, a gambling problem just like spending a lot of money. Time limit allows gamblers to set limits to the time they spend at online casinos and they will have to wait the next day once they reach the limit. 
  • Self-Exclusion: This tool allows players to voluntarily exclude themselves from a casino. The casino locks their account indefinitely and reopens upon a request.
  • Cool-off Period: This is a temporary approach where players can request the casino to lock their accounts for 24 hours to 30 days, depending on the casino. Players will have to contact the casino to unlock the account.
  • Loss Limit: This tool allows players to set a reasonable amount of money they are willing to lose over a set period. In the event the loss amount is reached, the casino will bar the player from spending any more money and the player can only play free games till the set period elapses.

Preventing Underage Gambling 

Gambling is not for minors, and CasinoGuide recommended casinos firmly uphold the over 18 or 19 years of age policy to players who wish to register and play. You’ll always find a checkbox upon sign-up that requires you to tick to accept that you are of legal age to be gambling. You will also find fields that will require your information including your date of birth, to verify your age.

Gambling is not complicated, but a mental game not fit for kids, and account users should keep their account details confidential if their children have access to their computers. 

Smart Tips on Responsible Gambling

  • Set a Strict, Reasonable Budget – Financial problems like bankruptcy are the first results of irresponsible gaming. Budgeting, however, is the best way to prevent such issues. Set an amount to gamble with, which should be an amount you are willing to part with. 
  • Don’t Chase Losses – This is a rule of thumb in gambling. Trying to make up for lost money is a very bad idea that will most often see you lose more. Gamblers have good and bad days, but chasing losses will only worsen your lousy day. 
  • Practice Relaxed Gaming – You should try your best to keep your emotions at bay and stay relaxed when gambling. If it starts to frustrate you, it means it’s time to take a break and clear your head.
  • Don’t Borrow Money to Fund Gambling  – Borrowing money to fund gambling is the highway to financial and gambling problems. In any case, it implies you have a high-level gambling problem.
  • Avoid Superstition – Online casinos use RNG, which keeps betting fair and random. Nonetheless, some gamblers are superstitious and tend to bet on specific “lucky” numbers or days, which, on the contrary, are far from certain. Gamblers should understand that superstition and gambling don’t go hand in hand.

Results of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling can result in depression due to financial and other problems that come alongside. The game experience itself leads to mental issues that aggravate the problems.  Irresponsible gambling may result in serious financial problems like debts and bankruptcy. It’s why you require a well-planned budget so you don’t bite more than you can chew.

Family Issues – gambling is a leading cause of financial issues, which are a leading cause of marital problems and family break-ups. Irresponsible gamblers will neglect their families for gambling leading to arguments and separations.

The Importance of Self-Exclusion

Gambling sites recommended at provide players who’ve gone out of control with a self-exclusion option that locks a player’s account indefinitely. They employ a knowledgeable support team offering a self-assessment test comprising gambling-related questions that detect a problem. A self-assessment is a test with a set of questions that a player answers to ascertain their gambling problem.  You’ll also find links on our guide to help you reach out for help at any time.

Play responsibly to stay in control

Responsible gaming ensures a fun time while playing with real money, so we recommend casinos that dedicate essential tools to help control gambling. Players can set budget and time limits or even take some time to cool off with the help of self-exclusion and cool-off options at our top casinos. Canadian operators follow suit with a responsible gaming page that provides links for help on their sites which should be the norm for all casinos across the globe.

Resources – Gambling Addiction

Here are the links to some of the major organizations at the forefront of the war against irresponsible gaming.

CasinoGuide is a review and comparison site for online casinos. The information on the site is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. In Canada, the legal age for gambling is 19, with the exception Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec where the legal age is 18+. Any hyperlinks, banners or other images leading to online casinos from the site are advertisements. Third parties may change or cancel offers or modify their T&Cs at any time, therefore CasinoGuide cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Always read the terms and conditions before creating an account with an online casino. Gamble responsibly.

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